Clothes I Packed For My 5 Month Study Abroad Trip .

I’ve been anticipating my semester of studying abroad since I began my time at Kent State University. Well, the time is finally here… I’ll be spending the next fifteen weeks exploring different parts of Italy while finishing up my Fashion Merchandising degree.

As you know, I’ve been shopping for pieces to bring with me for months now. I thought it would be fun to sit down today and share everything that made the cut + share links in case you too are in the midst of planning a trip.

So, without further ado, here is everything I’m bringing with me on my five-month trip to Europe… well, at least the clothing portion. Tune into YouTube later this week to see how I managed to pack all of these clothes (+ accessories, toiletries & more) into two suitcases!


After much research, I was shocked to see that Florence is incredibly hot from August through the end of September. We’re talking upper nineties with no air conditioning. For that reason, many of my followers recommended bringing lots of lightweight dresses. Not only are these super breathable but they make incredibly easy outfits. Plus, with tights, boots, and a turtleneck you can easily transition these into the fall months.

I brought quite a few with me, including some that could not be linked through Sharing the direct links to those smaller boutiques in the description bar of this YouTube video.


As easy as dresses are rompers and jumpsuits. I’ve always loved tossing one of these on for a day of class with just a simple pair of sneakers. I also brought a couple of two-piece sets—now that I’ve been in Itay for a week, I have to say, I wish I had brought more of these.

You can mix and match these several ways, giving you three outfits for the price of one. If you’re trying to get the most out of your closet with little space, I highly recommend bringing a handful of sets. They are lifesavers!


Because I brought so many dresses with me, I figured I didn’t need to bring too many skirts and shorts with me. I did, however, bring three pairs of lightweight linen pants per many of your recommendations. These are super easy to mix and match with basic tops. I recommend bringing white, tan, and black so that your closet can act as a “capsule wardrobe”.

I know Europeans don’t wear jeans too often but I did still bring a few pairs. Narrowing down my collection of over 70 pairs was certainly tricky. I ended up packing my favorite blue for every day, black for going out, and these khakis for some of our nicer school trips.

Fall Layers 

Temperatures will begin to cool off in October so fall layers are a must. I brought just a few basic cardigans that could be thrown over dresses and basic tanks. I also brought a bolero which is essentially just the arms of a sweater. These are super popular in Europe and are a great transition piece.

Obviously, the normal person would probably pack a few more knits with them if they were planning on being there all fall… however, I will still be working and therefore collecting mail so I figured I would wait and do a little shopping + get a few more pieces shipped my way.

I was told that by the time I leave in December a puffer coat will be necessary— I ended up bringing a good transition coat in a light tan. I also threw in my black rain jacket as I will be doing lots of walking around the city. When it comes time to wear something heavier, I’ll buy one here—I needed to save all of the space + weight I could!

Basic Tops 

I basically brought every single Express Body Contour piece I own. I’ve raved about these pieces for years now and cannot imagine going to Europe without them. This collection is made of a special fabric that hugs your figure; it’s double-lined and super thick so no bra is needed + they aren’t see-through at all. I packed the white, ivory, and black versions of my favorite tanks, tees, and bodysuits. I’ll be all set with these.

Additionally, I threw in a few seamless basics, button-ups, and bodysuits that I reach for over and over. These are the key pieces to a true capsule wardrobe, giving you endless outfit combinations with just a few pieces.

Fun Tops 

I did end up packing a few fun tank tops + statement pieces for the sake of weekend trips and photo ops. These were the handful that made the cut. My personal favorite is this white bodysuit that can be tied in five different ways! This is going to be a lifesaver.


Although Europeans don’t seem to wear athleisure out and about, I knew I’d want some comfy pieces for wearing around the apartment + to bed. I packed just one hoodie and, of course, my favorite Aerie crossover pieces. I ended up bringing three oversized tees for bedtime, although most of them are old (hence no links).

Having been here for a week already, I do wish I’d packed a couple of pairs of bike/comfy shorts as our apartment is sweltering hot.


Everyone says to bring just a few pairs of shoes but that just isn’t in my DNA. I ended up packing several pairs of sandals and even walking 7+ miles a day, have been making out just fine. Franco Sarto is my favs for support + looks.

I also packed my favorite platform sneakers in a few different colors so I could mix and match, although my low-top Zina sneakers from Dolce Vita have to be my most comfortable shoes of all time. I wear these religiously.

I brought two pairs of boots for the winter—a tan and black pair that could work with everything!


Fanny packs seem to be all the rage here as they are without a doubt the safest way to carry your belongings. Similar to most things, I ended up packing the white and black version of mine. I also brought one crossbody, a straw tote, and my Longchamp to use for weekend trips.

A tote is a MUST—everyone here is using one + you end up bringing a water bottle with you everywhere so it’s ideal not to have to carry it!

Watch The Video 

Want to see what everything looks like on + get an in-depth explanation as to why I packed each piece? I’m sharing all of the details + a few unlinkable items in today’s video. Watch here + hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on more study abroad content!

Well, that’s a wrap on everything I packed for my five months in Europe. I’ll have to keep you posted on how everything holds up + my wardrobe mistakes. If you want to see my outfit of the day in live time, be sure to follow me on Instagram @styledbymckenz where I’ll be posting daily! Talk soon.

With love, McKenz

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