Florence Outfits + Week In My Life .

Back with another week in my life here in Florence… except we weren’t even in Florence for 48 hours this week so basically welcome back to a week in my life as McKenz who is *constantly* on the move. Was in Croatia, Venice, and Germany this week having a blast seeing new things and getting to experience different cultures with my bestie girls.

As fun as the last week has been, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to a calm school week at the apartment. We’re off to the Amalfi Coast later this week and I’m sure it will be loads of fun. Until then, wanted to sit down and share a few more details about my week + link some of the outfits I’ve been wearing. Catch you next Monday for another round up. xo

With love, McKenz


Split, Croatia Travel Guide


Been filming up a storm between all of these weekend travels and school weeks. I’m currently uploading at least three times a week so if you’re not subscribed already, be sure to do so! Linking my latest vlog—a look into our weekend in Croatia.


Sunday, September 11

Wrapping up our trip to Croatia today with a trip to Krka National Park. We hiked through the rainforest and got to see the most amazing waterfalls. I’m bummed that it rained but I’m so glad we got to see such a beautiful area. So so cool! After our visit, we hopped back on the bus for a ten-hour ride back home… yes, the much less glamorous part of the trip.

Outfit Details— romper: SheIn, sneakers: Converse, bag: Lululemon, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, bracelets: Gorjana

Monday, September 12

Back to reality today with a full load of classes. I spent the time in between catching up on some styledby work and answering emails. I grabbed Pino’s for dinner and of course, had to stop for my daily gelato. Me and the owner are starting to become good friends, haha. To finish off the day I’m showering and packing up for our trip to Venice tomorrow.

Outfit Details— top: SheIn, jeans: Express, shoes: Gentle Souls, bag: SheIn, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, bracelets: Gorjana

Tuesday, September 13

We left bright and early this morning for our school trip to Venice. After an hour and a half train ride + checking into our hostel, we made it to our first stop of the day— a 17th-century Venetian palace. We learned all about Venice’s history, specifically within the perfume and upholstery industries. In the afternoon we went to an upholstery factory and finished off our visits at a renovated department store that had the most beautiful rooftop view! More details of our trip coming to the blog later this week!

Outfit Details— dress: Saltwater Luxe, bandana: SheIn, purse: Polene, shoes: Express, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, bracelets: Gorjana

Wednesday, September 14

Twas another long day of sightseeing—we had two visits with the school; one to a mask factory and the other to an interactive art exhibit. We had a three-hour “lunch break” in the middle of our day which we spent riding a gondola and eating pizza + gelato. After our final school tour, we explored the city a little while longer, stopping at the cutest restaurant for a chic level 10 dinner. Their buffalo mozzarella pizza was amazing!

Outfit Details—  dress: SheIn, shoes: Express, purse: Polene, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, bracelets: Gorjana

Thursday, September 15

We took the ferry over to the island of Burano this morning so we could see a local lace-making factory. It was super cool seeing this in person as it’s one of the things Italy, and Venice specifically, are known for. We had a couple of hours to ourselves here which we spent popping in and out of small stores and taking pictures. This was truly the cutest city. I couldn’t have loved it more if I tried. After our visit, we hopped on the train and made it back to Florence just in time for a girl’s night out.

Outfit Details— set: EBY, shoes: Express, scarf: SheIn, purse: Polene, earrings: SheIn, necklaces: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, bracelets: Gorjana

Friday, September 16

Spending the day catching up on Styledby work and getting organized. It certainly felt good to lay down for a bit after such a busy “school” week. At 8 pm the girls and I walked over to the bus station to begin our journey to Munich, Germany. We’re off to Octoberfest for just one day, meaning tonight we’re taking a ten-hour, red-eye bus! Because hey… you’re only twenty once.

Outfit Details— top: Spanx, leggings: Aerie, hoodie: Boohoo, sneakers: Steve Madden, purse: Lululemon

Saturday, September 17

Our bus arrived in Germany at 7 in the morning. As soon as we got off the bus we set out to find a dirndl, a traditional German dress. After buying and changing into them, we walked over to the festival. I couldn’t believe how big + how many people were there. We sat with some sweet German boys and spent the entire day *pretending* to like beer, singing and dancing on tables, and immersing ourselves in the German culture. At 10 pm we gathered our things and hopped back on the bus for a long journey home, lol. What a day!

Outfit Details— german dresses!


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