FabFitFun x Paris Hilton: Summer of Sliving

After the release of their summer 2023 box, FabFitFun has shared they are releasing a curated collaboration with none other than Paris Hilton!

I personally think this is a pretty cool and on-brand collaboration. Paris Hilton isn’t just known for being a hotel heiress and TV star. She’s actually quite accomplished on her own terms as a businesswoman, model, musician, DJ, and she’s also a new mom! She and her husband welcomed their first child via surrogate in 2023.

I was very pleased with my summer 2023 box and was interested to see what’s in this bundle!

FabFitFun x Paris Hilton: Summer of Sliving

What is sliving?

One of the first questions I had about this box is what is sliving anyway? From what I found, it’s a combination of “slaying” and “living.”

My first thought was summer living but this works too. Paris coined this term in 2019 as a way to express living your best life.

How much does it cost?

The box is a member-exclusive bundle and is a $224.94 value for $79. This is a little pricier than the average FabFitFun box (about $50 per season for the base box).

You do have to be a member to purcahse this box. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

What’s in the Summer of Sliving box?

The box includes six total items picked out by Paris herself. Let’s take a closer look.

fabtfitfun x paris hilton
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Topicals Faded Under Eye Masks ($22)

This set of 6 cooling hydrogel under eye masks gently fade the look of dark circles and discoloration.

Eye gels are always nice to have on hand. The box comes with 6 sets of eye gels which is a good value for the price!

Vacation® Super Spritz SPF 50 ($24)

Provides instantaneous hits of refreshment and UV protection wherever your summer plans take you!

I personally would be preferred it if they selected a sunscreen without chemical sunscreen (such as Avobenzone) or picked an organic sunscreen.

CYLO Record Player Speaker ($59.99)

Inspired by Paris rocking the DJ Booth—you can stream your favorite tunes through this cute retro bluetooth speaker that even features a spinning vinyl.

I think this is a pretty neat inclusion and is a nice nod to Paris’ career as a DJ. It’s also cute and functional for playing music at the pool or the beach or on your patio as you host guests for the summer.

It also makes a cute piece of home decor if it matches your aesthetic.

FabFitFun x Paris Hilton: Summer of Sliving
via FabFitFun

Dime Optics Cienega Aviator Sunglasses( $30)

These sunglasses take the classic and beloved aviator shape and elevate it with a bold polarized lens and 100% UV protection.

I actually got these glasses in my summer 2023 FabFitFun box and I love them!

8 Other Reasons Star Earrings in Silver ($64.95)

Turn up the cosmic glam with bold star drop earrings featuring sparkly silver stones and dangling detailing.

These are cute but not $65 cute, in my opinion. I think these were primarily added to the box to increase the value. I personally don’t love them and since I don’t even have pierced ears, would not wear them.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla Beige ($24)

This silky and 100% vegan lip balm hydrates and soothes in seconds while providing just a touch of sheer beige color and a hint of sweet vanilla flavor.

This lip balm was a great inclusion! We all need more lip balm, especially in the summer months. And Summer Fridays makes a great one!

Final Thoughts on the FabFitFun x Paris Hilton Collab

Overall I think this is a pretty decent collaboration! It’s very on-brand for Paris Hilton and I think if you’d use at least 5 out of the 6 items, it’s a good deal!

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