Must-Do Maintenance for Fall

Fall is literally and figuratively the season of change. As the leaves turn color on the trees, there are tasks you should do to prepare your house for cooler weather.

Completing these activities early in the season will make things smoother for the transition into winter!

Maintanence like this is preventative. It will avoid damage to your home as temperatures drop. Schedule time to clean and repair the external parts of your house, check your heating system and carbon monoxide detectors, and store out-of-season equipment. These efforts are worth it! Let’s take a look together at exactly how.

Cleaning and Repairs

No one likes to have roof repairs done when there is snow on the ground and subzero temperatures! It is highly recommended to clean and repair any damage to your gutters, chimney, and roof as soon as possible and before winter hits. Remove any buildup like leaves, sticks, or other surprises from Mother Nature.

Don’t forget to check for any holes or cracks, in your windows, doors, and exterior walls. Use a sealant that specifically addresses the material it is fixing. Remove anything from your yard or on the outside of your home that could cause a fire hazard. This includesleaves, firewood, and leftover debris from summer lawn care and gardening. Doing the grunt work early on creates more time for fires in the fireplace and hot cocoa, so get to it!

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Prevention

Before colder weather begins, get your heating system checked by a professional. Contact your HVAC representative to set up a “check up” appointment. They can replace filters necessary and advise on potential repairs to ensure the system is running efficiently and safely.

Take care to test all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. To do this, press and hold the “test” button on each device. If you hear a few “beeps” it is working properly. You can also replace all batteries in each device. If you do this, make sure to preform a second test. Make sure the batteries have never been used.

You may not expect any emergencies. However, completing these tasks will keep you and your family safe all year round. Channel your inner Smokey the Bear and check those detectors!

Out of Season Storage

Store out-of-season home supplies and tools like lawnmowers, grills, or patio furniture. Doing this protects the equipment from the winter elements – and prevents a headache when you find you need to dig them out after the first snowfall!

Keep outdoor tools and appliances stored in a dry and secure location – like a tool shed or in a covered garage – to protect them from the elements. This is important all-year round.

Stow outdoor equipment that reminds you of warmer months. When you do, it is a lovely surprise to find them clean, sparkly, and ready to use come springtime. Take this as an opportunity to finally design the She Shed or Man Cave you have always wanted to keep these items safe and secure!

Fall Preparation and Maintenance

Complete all of your fall home-related tasks sooner rather than later.  It will save you money and time in the long run. Take out your calendar now and reserve a weekend dedicated to completing these tasks. Then, reward yourself with a pumpkin spice latte when you are done!

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