The 10 Best Minimalist Makeup Brands For a Natural Routine

In a world where beauty can sometimes feel overwhelming, the allure of minimalist makeup is undeniable. There are simply too many choices and endless routines that are too elaborate that sometimes, it’s nice to just keep things simple. Ready to join the beauty minimalist?

Minimalist makeup is a trend that resonates with those who value simplicity, sustainability, and quality. It isn’t about masking your natural beauty; it’s about enhancing it with a few carefully chosen products. 

In this article, we’ll explore why minimalist makeup has been gaining popularity in recent years. We’ll also highlight the top 10 minimalist makeup brands to try!.

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What is Minimalist Makeup?

Minimalist makeup is a trend that emphasizes achieving a fresh and natural look with as few products as possible. 

It’s a departure from heavy layers of foundation, excessive contouring, and bold colors. Instead, minimalist makeup enhances your features while letting your skin shine through. 

A minimalist makeup routine has numerous benefits:

  • It is time saving: Minimalist makeup routines are quick and efficient, which makes them perfect for busy mornings or on-the-go touch-ups.
  • It is very budget friendly: When you use fewer products, you end up saving money in the long run. Quality over quantity is the key.
  • Space-saving: Minimalist makeup collections also take up less space, making organization a breeze.
  • They are resource-friendly: Fewer products mean less waste, supporting sustainability.
  • Better for your skin: Minimalist makeup is also good for skin health. It often includes products that are kind to your skin, minimizing the risk of irritation and breakouts.

Now, let’s delve into the 10 best minimalist makeup brands that should be on your radar:

1. Glossier

best minimalist makeup brandsbest minimalist makeup brands

Glossier is a brand that needs no introduction in the world of minimalist makeup. They have mastered the art of enhancing natural beauty with easy-to-use, versatile, and cruelty-free products. 

Glossier’s approach is all about celebrating your unique features rather than concealing them. Here are some of their top products: 

  • Boy Brow: This iconic brow product effortlessly defines and grooms your brows. It’s a go-to product for achieving those coveted natural, feathery brows. 
  • Cloud Paint: A gel-cream blush that blends seamlessly for a natural flush of color.
  • Balm Dotcom: A multipurpose balm that hydrates and adds a subtle sheen, making it a must-have for on-the-go touch-ups. We love their lip balm!
  • Futuredew: A serum that adds an instant dewy glow to your skin.

Glossier is available at Sephora and on the Glossier website.

2. Tower 28 Beauty

tower 28 blushtower 28 blush
As you can see this blush is super creamy and blends out beautifully!

Tower 28 Beauty is another minimalist makeup brand that deserves your attention, especially if you have sensitive skin. Their commitment to clean, vegan, and hypoallergenic products ensures that even those with the most delicate skin can enjoy makeup without worry.

Tower 28 Beauty’s minimalist approach combines simplicity with effective, skin-friendly products. Here are their top products: 

Tower 28 Beauty is available at Sephora and on Tower 28’s website.

3. Undone Beauty

best minimalist makeup brandsbest minimalist makeup brands

Undone Beauty has carved a niche in the minimalist makeup world by offering affordable and multifunctional products. Their cosmetics can be customized and blended to suit different needs and preferences, making them ideal for makeup enthusiasts of all levels. They are great for all skin types looking for the minimalist makeup look!

Here are some of the best products from Undone Beauty:

  • Curator Eye Palette: A versatile eyeshadow palette that’s perfect for creating everyday or dramatic looks. Its blendable, buildable shades offer endless possibilities. 
  • Lip to Cheek Palette: A multitasking palette that adds color to lips and cheeks.
  • Unfoundation Glow Tint: A lightweight tinted moisturizer that enhances your skin’s natural radiance, offering sheer coverage for a fresh look. 
  • Water Bronzer: Achieve a sun-kissed glow with this easy-to-blend bronzer.

Undone Beauty’s products are designed to simplify your beauty routine. At the same time, they also give you the freedom to express your unique style.

Undone Beauty is available at Ulta and on the Undone Beauty website.

4. Subtl Beauty

subtl beautysubtl beauty

Subtl Beauty is all about convenience and portability. Their products are designed to fit in a palm-sized stack, making them perfect for those always on the move. With Subtl Beauty, you can create a full-face look with ease, no matter where you are.

Here are some of their best products: 

  • Stackable Makeup Kit: A customizable palette containing everything you need for a full-face look. From foundation to eyeshadow to lipstick, this compact kit has you covered. 
  • Lip and Cheek Tint: A dual-purpose product for a natural flush of color.
  • Hydrating Cream Concealer: A creamy concealer that covers imperfections effortlessly without feeling heavy on your skin.
  • Shine Control Powder: Keep shine at bay with this lightweight, translucent powder.

Subtl Beauty is available exclusively on their website.

5. Axiology

axiology balmiesaxiology balmies

Axiology isn’t just makeup; it’s a manifesto for conscious beauty. With a devotion to ethical, vegan, and cruelty-free practices, Axiology redefines cosmetics. Every lipstick, every pigment, is a testament to nature’s finest ingredients, sourced sustainably from around the globe. Infused with rich, organic oils, each stroke is a nourishing embrace. They are shaking up the beauty industry with their products:

What’s the difference between the two? According to Axiology themselves: “Balmies are made with kokum butter and sunflower wax to create a drier and more matte feel for a long lasting product. Balmies are great for people with oily skin or those who use face oils. Multi-Sticks provide a smoother, cleaner glide and work well with drier skin. The soy butter and coconut oil deeply penetrate skin for a long lasting hydration.” There we have it!

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6. Ilia Beauty

ilia beautyilia beauty
This skin tint is worth the hype.

Ilia Beauty stands out for its use of organic and natural ingredients to create high-performance products that are gentle on both the skin and the environment. Their products provide coverage, definition, and hydration while keeping your skin’s health in mind.

You’ll love how this company’s products combine skincare benefits with makeup. This is what makes them a top choice for anyone who prioritizes both beauty and wellness in their minimalist routine.

Here are our top picks from Ilia Beauty:

  • True Skin Serum Foundation: A lightweight foundation that provides coverage while nourishing the skin with botanical ingredients.
  • Limitless Lash Mascara: A mascara that delivers length and definition without clumps thanks to its clean and nourishing formula.
  • Multi-Stick: A versatile product for adding color to lips, cheeks, and eyes, simplifying your makeup routine.
  • Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil: Get the perfect pout with this nourishing lip tint.

Ilia is available at various retailers including Sephora, on their website, The Detox Market, and Nordstrom.

7. Kosas

kosas cloud set powderkosas cloud set powder
The Kosas Cloud Set Powder is *chef’s kiss*

Kosas offers clean, weightless, and modern products designed to enhance your natural features and complexion. Their products provide a sheer, radiant, and effortless look. This brand is perfect for those who want a simple yet fresh-faced appearance.

Here are some of the best products from Kosas:

Kosas embodies the concept of effortless beauty. You’ll love how it allows you to achieve a polished look with minimal effort.

Kosas is available at Sephora and on the Kosas wesbite.

8. Saie

saie blushsaie blush
If you try one product from Saie, let it be these blushes! They are must-haves for your makeup bag.

Saie is a clean makeup brand focuses on simple, sustainable, and effective products. All their products are made with clean ingredients, recycled packaging, and carbon-neutral shipping. 

Their products create a smooth, glossy, and groomed look that’s perfect for a clean and polished appearance. Saie’s commitment to clean and eco-conscious beauty products makes them a top choice for those who want to look good while doing good for the environment.

Here are some of their top products: 

Saie is available at Sephora and on the Saie website.

9. RMS Beauty

RMS beauty luminizerRMS beauty luminizer
I love this highlighter for a subtle all over glow.

RMS Beauty stands out for using raw, food-grade, and organic ingredients to create luminous and healthy products that nourish your skin. Their products create a natural and glowing look that looks and feels amazing while still being kind to your skin. Here are some of their best products: 

  • Un Cover-Up Concealer: A creamy concealer that conceals imperfections while hydrating the skin, making it perfect for achieving a flawless complexion.
  • Living Luminizer: A cult-favorite highlighter for a natural glow, accentuating your best features with subtlety.
  • Lip2Cheek: A versatile product for adding color to lips and cheeks.
  • Master Radiance Base: Achieve a radiant base for your makeup with this illuminating product.

RMS Beauty’s commitment to clean and nourishing ingredients sets them apart in the world of minimalist makeup. This is what has earned them a place on this list. 

RMS Beauty is available at various retailers including Credo Beauty and Detox Market.

10. Ere Perez

ere perezere perez
I have not tried a product from Ere Perez that I did not like. The foundation is a standout!

Ere Perez is an Australian-owned makeup company with the tagline “natural makeup for clean, conscious living.

Their goal is to offer makeup for you to feel your most natural and your most beautiful. They use the highest quality ingredients to make incredible makeup and skincare.

celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and self-love. They do this with vegan, cruelty-free, and clean products. Their products help you achieve a flawless, vibrant, and confident look, all while supporting your values. They are one of my personal favorite beauty brands and an top my natural makeup brands list.

Ere Perez’s commitment to inclusivity and clean beauty products makes them a top choice for those who want to feel confident in their skin while making ethical choices. Here are some of the options you’ll love from this brand: 

  • Oatmilk Foundation: A foundation that offers buildable to full coverage and skincare benefits in one product.
  • Carrot Colour Pot: A creamy blush for a healthy flush of color, perfect for achieving that youthful glow. 
  • Rice Powder Bronzer: A matte bronzer for a sun-kissed glow.

Ere Perez is available at Ulta, Credo Beauty, and Detox Market.

Final Thoughts on These Minimalist Makeup Brands

In a world of endless makeup options, embracing minimalist makeup is a great way to simplify your routine and enhance your natural beauty. These 10 brands offer a wide range of products to help you achieve that effortlessly chic look in a simple, sustainable way. 

When choosing minimalist makeup products for yourself, be sure to read labels, test shades, and follow instructions. At the end of the day, the journey to minimalist beauty is a deeply personal one. So just strive to find the right products for your skin type, preferences, and lifestyle. Good luck!

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