Balance Books and Business: Mastering College Entrepreneur Life

It may be true that “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” but college is one of the only times when this statement doesn’t hold true! Today it is possible to successfully balance academic responsibilities while running your own business simultaneously – here’s how.

Discover Your Ideal Balance

Don’t assume we mean doing a handstand while reading off your business plan (although that would certainly be impressive!). In order to successfully run a business while still in college, finding balance is the key element. Not all students prioritize academic over business pursuits, so instead strive to create an ideal balance in which both of these areas coexist in harmony. Be sure to create an agenda for the week, setting aside time blocks for studying, business meetings, brainstorming sessions and relaxation. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; be sure to set aside some downtime so you can recharge and rejuvenate before hitting the books again! And who knows? Your best business idea might just pop into your head while binging Netflix while devouring an ice cream tub!

Accept Technology

By now, most of us are well aware of living in the digital era. But knowing about technology alone won’t do; to fully appreciate its potential is to embrace it fully and actively learn about its inner workings. Your business can take advantage of online tools and apps designed to streamline tasks and increase productivity, such as project management apps like Asana and communication apps such as Slack.These digital assistants could become indispensable business partners you never realized you needed! Time clock payroll software and virtual assistants can also be great additions. And don’t forget about social media! Make use of it to promote your business, engage with potential customers, and keep abreast of industry updates and trends. Academically speaking, there are an abundance of online resources that can complement your learning – not forgetting Google Calendar as an indispensable aid when it comes to keeping track of classes, assignments and business meetings – so go ahead – add tech into your life!

Network, Network, Network

Sure, small talk may not be your cup of tea; however, networking is essential to making an impression in business – and as a college student you possess an untapped resource of potential connections! Your campus is full of potential partners, mentors, customers and investors – so hone those social skills and start networking! Attend events and workshops; join clubs; or simply start up conversations in the cafeteria. Who knows? That guy could become your future business partner (or at the very least, an incredible friend!). Make an effort to build meaningful relationships instead of superficial connections; remember it’s not always about who knows you, but who does! LinkedIn provides endless networking potential – so get out there and start networking today!

Successfully balancing academic life and entrepreneurial dreams may seem impossible at times; but with smart planning and an optimistic attitude, success is within your grasp! Go forth and conquer! Remember: the world is your oyster; just take care not to fall down!