What Your Website Traffic Is Telling You

As far as business strategies go, knowing how your website is performing is one of the best for planning a marketing campaign. Why? Because you can find out, in intimate detail, just how many people are coming to your website, when, and where from. And that’s information you need to know, whether you’re a small business or medium sized enterprise! So, what is your website traffic really telling you? Maybe a few of the things down below.

How Interesting Your Content is

Interesting content is the lifeblood of every business website. You want people to come onto your website and find something to buy, yes, but you need to provide value while you’re there.  To easily do that, you need to write something they want to read, such as guides or helpful articles.

And if your traffic analytics are showing high audience retention, and very few people clicking on and then leaving within 2 to 3 seconds, your content is doing the trick. Not everyone who comes to your website is going to find what they want, but if half to three quarters of all visitors are, you’re doing a very good job!

Whether Your Checkout is Well Made

If your checkout is easy to get through, it’s going to show once again in your audience retention rate. If people are leaving after loading up their cart, or they’re even ‘bouncing off’ as soon as they see the product page, it can be a sign something is wrong. If your prices are reasonable/competitive, it’s not likely to be this.

No, rather most of the time it’s either your checkout being hard to navigate through, or that it loads too slowly or ruins the overall viewing experience. If clicking or hovering over the checkout overtakes the rest of the page, or doesn’t open in a new window when someone wants to continue shopping, people might just give up and go elsewhere.

You’ve Got a Chance to Go Global

Your small business could be reaching people halfway across the globe, and you might not even know it if you don’t check your analytics. Indeed, you could have a hidden market share in a country 5000 or more miles away, and you could start to make a very good profit off their interest if you act now.

Start by looking into an international payment guide, set up your website to enable international payments, and then focus on marketing in your chosen destination. You’ve already got some potential customers lining up, but who else could be out there just like them? Your traffic will tell you what local SEO keywords to target; now you just need to institute a small scale campaign that’s tailored to them!

Your website traffic has a lot to say, but are you listening? Make sure you double check your analytics at least once a month to truly hear them. You might be missing out on content reaction or even a new target market otherwise!