How to Plan Your Outfits in Advance

Picture this: You’re staring at your closet. You have fifteen minutes before you need to leave, and your new clothes are starting to look more like dated hand-me-downs. Your friends always show up dressed impeccably, and the pressure is getting to you. You’re sweating. If you don’t pick out an outfit in the next four minutes, you’re going to be late. 

We’ve all been there, but I have discovered the ultimate tool to not only be ready on time but be the best dressed in any room. On Sundays, I set aside an hour to pick out every single outfit I will wear for the following week. Sounds crazy? Maybe it is. But, while you’re setting an alarm for 7 a.m. to pick out an outfit before class, I’m sleeping in until 8. 

Ready to try it for yourself? Here’s my master plan for picking out my weekly outfits.

PHOTO: @badgirllessi

Step 1: Find Your Inspo

The first step in crafting a full week of impressive outfits is finding inspiration. A majority of my outfit inspiration comes from Instagram influencers, runway shows, and celebrity style. Whenever I see an outfit that speaks to me or a layering idea I could potentially copy, I screenshot it and save it to my photo album, titled “outfit inspiration.” This way, whenever I am feeling a brain fog or am lacking creativity, I have a backup plan. 

PHOTO: @badgirllessi

Step 2: Look at Your Schedule for the Week Ahead

Check your schedule for the week. If you know that on Saturday you have a job interview, make sure you accommodate your outfit plans for this event. Spend time trying different outfit combinations in advance, so you’re sure to impress your future employer.

PHOTO: @badgirllessi

Step 3: Check the Weather App

Pick out each outfit according to the weather. Although it sounds silly, this is one of the most important steps. Do not let the weather influence a poor outfit decision. For example, If there’s a 90% chance of rain on Wednesday, choose an outfit with your brand new black rain boots and matching raincoat. Oh, it’s going to snow? Pull out that neon pink puffer jacket. Sunny and 90 degrees? Your new mini skirt would be perfect.

PHOTO: @badgirllessi

Step 4: Try it All On

Try everything on. Yes, I know, it’s extremely annoying but just because an idea sounds great in your head, it does not mean it will look good. This will also allow you adequate time to mix and match while exploring new outfit possibilities.

It’s time to stop resorting to your “comfy” clothes when you have no idea what to wear. This simple process of choosing your outfits every week not only saves time but will also make you feel more confident. Personally, when I feel good in the outfit I’m wearing, I feel motivated to start my day. To be completely honest, sometimes I even look forward to certain days just because of the outfit I know I’m going to wear.

Feature Image by @badgirllessi.